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Health eServices increases care communication and continuity between patients, care providers, and health care organizations. We provide interoperable, standards-based health information system services and solutions to consumers and health care professionals.

Our Vision

To help entities resolve challenging technologies, policies, and regulatory issues involved with effective sharing of client health information. We seek to provide comprehensive guidance on data standards, regulatory requirements, and sustainable technology practices.

Health eServices Health IT Adoption Support

Health IT Adoption

Health eService consultants have been at the forefront of health information systems research and development. We have built long-running health information management systems and electronic patient engagement technologies from the ground up.

Health eServices Privacy & Security Services

Privacy & Security

Health eServices seeks to support and educate healthcare professionals on current critical privacy and security concepts and methods for defense of health data. We assist across cybersecurity aspects of security awareness training, breach protection, incident response, and related risk planning strategies.

Health eServices Electronic Patient Engagement Services

Activation & Engagement

Health care providers of all types need assistance in implementing patient activation programs that take advantage of the assessment and reporting efficiency of patient portals and personal health information systems. We can help implement frameworks and technologies for increased patient engagement, education and activation requirements.

Health eServices Health Information Exchange Support


The Health IT alphabet soup of interoperability and health information system Integration can be extremely hard to navigate. Health e-Services can help you affordably make sense of Meaningful Use requirements, leverage health information exchange opportunities, and determine where to begin in adopting health information systems and services.

Health IT Research & Development

Health eServices actively conducts research and development in the field of consumer and patient health information technologies.

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Health eConsultation

Health eConsultation members believe that health improvement is about patient knowledge, motivation and opportunity to act in concert with healthcare professionals to improve their condition.

Health eSports

Health eSports

This site is dedicated to the eSports champions and champions to be who are out there competing, entertaining, and engaging fans across the world. The world of eSports are made up of athletes that cross cultures, age, gender, income, physicality, and intelligence, and makes for some of the most exciting sports match ups out there! There is one thread that connects them all though and that is the fact that they are athletes of the highest caliber who train, exercise, and dedicate themselves like all sports champions.

A Health eServices screenshot of the Health eProfile website.

Health eProfile

Information and knowledge is power. Owning and managing your personal health data empowers you toward better health. Who you share it with should be your choice and your opportunity to be compensated for its use outside of your own care. That is where Health eProfile comes in. We seek to provide you a platform for secure data storage and personal health data brokerage.

Health eDefense

Health eDefense

Cyber security is impacting our daily lives and our personal and protected health information is a target for hackers and criminals looking to make money off of our personal data. Your personal health data will always be about your health, demographics, social, lifestyle, financial history, and other related details. Once taken they cannot be taken back. Health eDefense is dedicated to providing consumers with actionable information on how to protect their personal health information effectively from cyber threats.

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